Flax Scutching

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CRETES offers complete flax scutching lines for long fibre flax as well as the equipment for the cleaning and transporting of the by-products (tow, shives, seed and dust). Also the dust extraction of the flax facility is part of our activities.

 > A complete flax scutching line is composed of:
  • Storage conveyor for round bales
  • Unwinder
  • Working table for quality check and feeding of the flax line
  • Stone breaker
  • Rippling comb to remove the seed hulls
  • Divider to obtain an equal spread of the flax stems
  • Flax breaking units
  • Scutching elements
  • Exit of the flax (+visual quality check)
  • Winding and packing device
 > Cleaning of by-products:
  • Duvex for shives (if required with bagging press)
  • Two cleaning line
  • Seed cleaning equipment