Hemp & Kenaf Decortication

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CRETES has developped, designed and built complete processing lines for hemp and kenaf. Throughout the years, important projects were realised in France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Malaysia, the Republic of South Africa, Spain and Canada.

 > Important characteristics of a processing line for hemp or kenaf:
  • Input:
    • Round of rectangular bales
    • Bulk
    • Bundles
  • Output:
    • Fibres with less that 3% of shives (pressed in bales)
    • Cleaned shives (pressed in bags or in bulk)
    • Short fibres (pressed in bales)
    • Dust (pressed in pellets or briquettes or unprocessed in bulk)
 > Total line capacity:
  • Solutions from 1 ton per hour up to 10 ton per hour (input material)