Pneumatic transport of fibres

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CRETES offers turnkey projects for the pneumatic transport (aka transport by means of an air flow) of natural or synthetic, fibrous material.
Long fibres (like flax or hemp) as well as short fibres (such as staple fibres or cotton) can easily be transported from A to B using this technique.

 > Applied for the transport of fibres towards:
  • A bale press
  • The entrance of a processing line
  • The next step in a production process

 > Advantages:

  • Clean + easy maintenance
  • Allows for a compact layout
  • Possible to (partially) remove dust from the fibre without extra operations

 > Components applied for this type of transport systems:

  • Fans
  • Separators (rotary, drum or static condensers; cyclone separators)
  • Filters (with or without automatic cleaning)
  • Ductwork