Dust extraction

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CRETES can solve dust problems in many ways and following the most recent legislation. (De-)centralized dust extraction systems are designed in such a way that a maximized dust removal is obtained with a low energy consumption and high reliability.

 > Pre-filters:
  • Dynamic or static separators (aka "condensers")
  • Cyclone separators
 > Filtration in baghouse filter:
  • Fully automatic filters with pulse jet cleaning
  • Semi-automatic filter with vibratory cleaning
  • Manual dust filters
 > Fans in different sizes and shapes:
  • High efficiency suction fans
  • Heavy duty material transport fans
 > Ductwork:
  • Material: galvanized, powder coated, painted or stainless steel in a sheet thickness adjusted to the specific application
  • Various components such as switch valves, shutter valves, regulating valves, inspection hatches, etc.
 > Optional:
  • Evacuation of the separated dust towards one collection point
  • Further processing of the dust into pellets, briquettes, etc.
  • Afvoer van het stof uit de filter(s) naar een centraal punt
  • Verdere verwerking van het stof tot pellets, briketten, etc.