Bale presses for RDF

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CRETES offers fully or semi-automatic bale presses specifically designed for baling RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) and equipped with an ingenious knotting system to bind the bales with a plastic wire instead of a standard steel wire. For each project the most suitable press is chosen based on the required bale size and hourly capacity.

The presses are built by our sister company Valvan Baling Systems, but can easily be integrated by CRETES in a turnkey waste handling project. Automatically removing the foil and/or binding wires, re-opening the material and dosed feeding are also part of our activities.

 > Vast variety of options possible: 
  • Steel or plastic binding wires
  • Custom design filling shaft (for example with bypass)
  • Automatic bale evacuation with integrated weighing
  • Foil wrappers and bale manipulators