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CRETES offers a range of fixed or movable container presses and numerous accessoiries and custom designed solutions for the quick and efficient disposal of multiple waste products.

Preventive maintenance and an all-round service of any type or brand are also part of our activities. Modifying and adjusting of existing presses is a daily job!

 > Fixed presses "STP"
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Cost effective due to high degree of compression
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Can be combined with all standard type containers of 20m³ up to 35m³ and more...
  • Two main types:
    • Filling opening: 1985x1400mm
    • Filling opening: 1235x1400mm
 > Movable presses "Monobloc Mecano"
  • One main execution with numerous possible extension modules
    • Open, half open or completely covered filling opening
    • Side filling
    • With or without closing lid
    • Optional: tilting device for rolling containers
  • Hydraulic unit on removable sled
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Two types:
    • Filling opening: 900x2000mm
    • Filling opening: 1500x2000mm
 > Special design "ORCA"
  • Movable press - ideal for waste containing liquids or moist
  • Completely closed
  • Extra locks and seals to guarantee no leakages
  • Equipped with tap for evacuation of residual fluids
  • Rotating press cycle
  • Three types: 18m³ - 20m³ - 22m³
  • Optional: tilting device for rolling containers