Waste handling for abrasive materials

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For this type of projects a close cooperation with the customer is required to define the most critical places in an installation for which special measures with regards to wear have to be taken into account.

 > In some cases heavy duty screw or belt conveyors are applied, but mostly pneumatic transport systems are used. These are composed of:
  • Heavy duty transport fans
  • Suction fans
  • Ductwork (plate thicknesses of 2 or 3mm or even more if necessary)
  • Separators (rotary condensers or heavy duty cyclone separators)
  • Filters
  • Hydraulic bale presses
  • Automatic bale evacuation with integrated weighing, bale wrapper, manipulators, etc.
  • Electrical controls for the complete system including communication with the production line
 > Applicable for production processes for:
  • Mineral wool (glass or stone)
  • Wood processing industry
  • Natural fibre processing (flax shivs)
  • Etc.