Bale presses

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CRETES offers fully or semi-automatic bale presses for a wide range of products and this for large and small capacities. For each project the most suitable press is chosen based on the required bale size and hourly capacity.

The presses are built by our sister company Valvan Baling Systems, but can easily be integrated by CRETES in a turnkey waste handling project. In that case, CRETES takes care of the sorting and/or preparing of the waste products up to the transport towards the filling shaft of the bale press.

Automatic de-stringing, re-opening and dosed feeding of material are also part of our acctivities.

 > Various options possible, for example:
  • Binding wire out of steel or plastic
  • Press equipped with knife for difficult-to-bale-products
  • Supplementary rotating press cycle to obtain a higher bale weight
  • Custom designed filling shafts (eg. with bypass valves)
  • Automatic bale evacuation with integrated weighing module
  • Foil wrappers and bale manipulators
 > Suitable for:
  • Paper (single sheets up to complete magazines or folders)
  • (Corrugated-) cardboard
  • Mineral wool
  • Plastics or foils
  • Fibrous material (of natural or synthetic origin)
  • Cotton
  • Foam and rubber
  • Clothing or rags
  • Etc.