Hotmelt lamination on wood

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CRETES develops and builds efficient and automatic processing lines for hot melt lamination. Mainly the wood industry is focussed, but also for other materials a suitable solution can be offered (plastics, textiles, nonwoven, etc.).

 > A complete glueing line is composed of:
  • Feeding and manipulating of the raw base panel boards (MDF, fibre boards, solid wood, multiplex, etc.)
  • Preparation of the laminating process (brushing and pre-heating)
  • Application of the glue onto the base material
  • Automatic application of a top layer (eg HPL or high pressure laminate) onto the base material
  • Fixating by means of a calander
  • Evacuation and manipulation of the finished panel boards
 > Characteristics:
  • From very basic up to fully automatic glueing lines with:
    • Manual controls directly on the machine(s)
    • Touch screen panel controls
    • Data communication controls
  • Water resistant PUR-glue
  • Lamination on one or two faces
  • Glueing of the boards against each other
  • Surface treatment for both base material as laminate:
    • Brushing
    • Cleaning with anti-static agent
    • Pre-heating with IR-rays
  • Custom built transport, stapling and manipulating systems

Project realised in Belgium: