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CRETES offers a wide range of machines and equipment for the textile industry, from standard components to custom designed solutions.

The CRETES engineering department gladly uses its vast experience for the integration of its own components (with or without third-party machines) in a partial or complete production line and this for textiles as well as for other materials (such as paper, foils, insulation, etc.)

> Inspection table - Rewinding station
  • Inspection and quality control for various types of fabric
  • Rewinding of specific lengths of fabric on rolls, tubes or A-frames
> Characteristics and options
  • Variable infeed / outfeed: tubes, rolls or A-frames
  • Operation at variable speed - adjustable by operator
  • Tension control - course alignement
  • Longitudinal cutting with electrical knife positioning
  • Equipped with double edge trim removal system
  • Optional: accumulating, cutting, packing of rolls, etc.