Hydraulic baling presses for natural fibres

Cretes distributes and integrates these balers, and ensures a regular supply of fibers to the press. Thanks to years of experience with natural fibers our balers are very robust and reliable. Moreover, they are very maintenance-friendly and easy to operate. Well-formed and firm bales are very important for optimal transport on the one hand and on the other hand this also provides many advantages for subsequent fiber processing.

  • The presses for natural fibers (such as flax or hemp) have been built for many years by our sister company Valvan from Menen. Based on the desired capacity and the desired bale size, we determine together with the customer which type of press is most suitable.

    All our balers can be equipped with a blade and counter blade. An optional pre-pressing lid system can increase the efficiency and capacity of the press. Discharging and manipulating of the bales, weighing of the bales, applying labels, stacking of the bales and so on, can all be automated and added.

    Feel free to contact us for a personalized quote tailored to your project.

  • C40S1000S
    Channel format: 550 x 520 mm
    Bale weight: 110 - 140 kg (bale length 1100 mm)
    # of straps:: 3 horizontal metal binding straps
  • C40S1000M
    Channel format: 750 x 720 mm
    Bale weight: 180 - 220 kg (bale length 1100 mm)
    # of straps:: 4 horizontal metal binding straps
  • C75S1000LH
    Channel format: 660 x 1100 mm
    Bale weight: 250 - 280 kg (bale length 1100 mm)
    # of straps:: 4 horizontal metal binding straps
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