The duvex is a machine for the separation of bast fibres and shives (hurd), but can be applied also as a classifier for shives.

  • A Duvex is used to break down flax fibres, tow and other bast fibres or shives, in particular into short fibres, shives, dust (optional) and seeds (optional).

    The Duvex is designed to separate the fibres from the shives after a first treatment of the fibres, for example by a decorticator.

  • Introduced at the inlet of the machine, the fibres are pushed forward by a drum with scraper blades placed at successive equal intervals. This drum rotates in a round sieve. The detached shives pass through this screen as the fibre is pushed further into the Duvex. As an option, it is possible to further sort the shives, seeds and roots. The fibres left in the sieve are discharged at the end of the machine.

    Depending on the type of sieve installed, the Duvex successively separates the dirt (option), the seeds with the small shives and finally the roots as well as the large shives. As an option, it is possible to further sort or classify the shives, seeds and roots.

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