Hopper Feeder

The hopper feeder makes it possible to open and distribute fibrous material in a regular and usable manner. The machine is designed for opening and mixing of natural and synthetic fibres such as flax, hemp, wool, cotton and many more. It is used for loading of scutching machines, carding machines, unravelling machines, mixing chambers or dryers.

  • The raw fibres, in bales or bulk, are brought to the loading belt by a conveyor or via a hopper. This belt, fitted with pin slats, brings the fibres to the upper part of the machine. At the exit of the machine the fibres are released from the pin belt by reverse combing and conveyed to a next stage via a belt conveyor.

    The speed of the pin belt and those of the front and rear combs are independently adjustable. As a result, the machine can be set according to the fibres to process (long or short fibres) and to the desired output capacity.

    For automatic processing lines a buffer conveyor is installed at the entrance. A level measurement on the buffer conveyor ensures a regular feeding of the machine. This allows the machine to work without manual intervention for a certain amount of time (depending on the length of the conveyor and the feeding capacity).

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