Turnkey processing lines

Hemp processing lines

Cretes is a leading manufacturer of hemp stalk processing systems, with references in France, the Netherlands, Romania, Lithuania, South Africa, Malaysia, Canada, etc. Cretes has extensive experience with equipment for bast fibre processing. This includes the processing of hemp straw into high value fibres as well as the processing of all the side products (such as the shives or hurd).

  • Input of a processing line:

    • Round bales, rectangular bales, bulk material
    • Up to 12 metric tons per hour
  • Output:

    • Cleaned fibres (less than 1% of core) - in rectangular bales
    • Cleaned hurd (low dust and short fibre content) - baled in bags
    • Short fibres - baled
    • Dust - in bulk
  • Cretes is capable of supplying a complete project, including the necessary dust treatment as well as the automatic flow from each production process to the next. The electrical controls and the automation of the processing line are also part of the scope and comply with the highest standards and directives currently in place.

  • Over 100 years

    of experience

  • Turnkey


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