This machine is used for opening raw fibre bales. The main characteristics of the Cretes pre-opener are the high capacities that can be achieved and the robust design.

  • The pre-opener is designed to open straw from flax, hemp or kenaf, but can as well be used to open wheat straw or hay.

    The machine opens the material in a rough way and this to make it lighter for downstream processes.

    Its capacity is 3 to 9 tons/h (with a material density of 150 kg/m³) depending on the density and condition of the straw to process. The ideal straw length ranges from an average of 400mm to 600mm. Longer fibres must be cut beforehand, for example with a HAK guillotine cutter.

    The straw to be treated (in bales or as bulk) is brought to the infeed conveyor by means of a storage conveyor. The material is opened between two rotating drums equipped with spikes. The lower drive drum spreads the material and the distributor drum on top opens or slows down the straw. Both drums can be equipped with different types of spikes.

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